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January 6, 2022
Dear Fellow Parishioners,
These are undoubtedly challenging times for so many reasons, one of which is around a decision regarding “in person” services in our church. For what seems like a long time, we have exercised all of the mandated safety precautions dictated by both the province and our diocese, but the latest statistics and regulations have brought us to a decision that we very much regret having to make.
From this point, until there are more positive safety indicators regarding the transmission of the Covid Virus, our church will be closed to “in person” services and meetings. We know how important being able to attend church is to each of us, but your health and safety has to be a priority at this time.
Fr. Osita, along with three or four others, will continue to conduct services each Sunday. These services will only be live-streamed and available through YouTube. We are sad that this practice will keep those of you without computers or internet connection to see and hear the services. If you have people “in your bubble” who cannot access the service electronically, you might consider inviting them to participate in services with you.
If you require any assistance, please call Elizabeth, our Office Administrator, who will be working from home; 519-842-9961. Should you require pastoral care, you
can reach Father Osita at 226-970-1120.