The ministry of Evangelism and Church Growth strives to: support a thriving and financially self-sufficient parish be empowered through ongoing Christian education for children, youth and adults ensure that all liturgies, baptismal and confirmation classes are alive, relevant and transformative welcome all new members and families and encourage their involvement in the community of Christ.   Many groups support this area of our community, and welcome you to get involved and participate.   Supporting our growth and well-being:                                                         

Congregational Council: The Clergy and Wardens meet monthly with Congregational Council members to discuss ongoing ministry and the financial matters of the parish. Congregational Council members are elected or appointed at the Annual Vestry Meeting.                                                       

Nominating Committee:   The committe is struck annually, prior to the Annual Vestry Meeting.  There role is to seek nominees for Parish Council and confirmation of the vote taken at the Annual Vestry Meeting.

Property Committee: The property committee assists the parish in all matters pertaining to church property: inspecting and assessing the need for repairs; obtaining cost estimates; and making recommendations and performing and/or overseeing the work that gets done. The mission of this group is to ensure St. John’s is a healthy and safe place for worship.   

Communication Committee:  This Ministry is to effectively communicate to all segments of our parish; our current parish family, the Diocese and the Tillsonburg community at large of the activities and programs at St. John’s which are in place to promote goodwill and fellowship and help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.                                         

Volunteer Screening: In order to ensure a safe environment for all participating in events and programs, volunteers and staff are screened to current Diocesan standards.